Full name

Daria Khoroshavina & Olga Kolesnikova


Moscow, Russia. Available for bookings worldwide


we’re illustrating Hogwarts books


Represented by:
Kari Anderson

If you enjoy food preparation, slow lifestyle, all that’s homemade and handcrafted and maybe have a blog about it – please write to us. We will be happy to bring our magic to your kitchens.

If you’re a company, we’ll be glad to create some captivating imagery for your business purposes.

if you wanted a story, here it is:

The Kitchen Ghosts project started for the sake of experimenting and having fun.
And it is growing into something beautiful.

I am Daria Khoroshavina, a 27 year old photographer from Russia. I usually do portraiture, but always try to experiment with styles and techniques. It’s not that I haven’t chosen my speciality yet – I have chosen to have many. I believe that having a talent does not mean being able to do well one thing, if I have a talent – it’s doing well what I want to do, the ability to learn and invent something new.

I have a wandering mind and big imagination that finds its way out in an art form. I don’t even remember now how and why I decided to visit my friend Olya and shoot her cooking, I remember a lot of fun and laughing at the results, these catching, “infinite” images.

I slapped the title on when I was uploading pictures to Carbonmade. I didn’t think much, I thought it was fun and only a few people would be seeing it anyways. I thought I had much time to change it. But all of a sudden people started sharing it, and writing beautiful articles and sending me lovely notes and I could not change it anymore. Now I don’t want to.

I love this project with all my heart, it’s not just about food and recipes, it’s about magic in everyday life, surprising, inspiring, exceeding expectations.

I am also grateful to have super talented people working with me, cooking and styling, cheering me up when things go wrong and celebrating success together.


food photography, cinemagraphs, gifs, food styling, art direction